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Geneva Attorneys for Paternity and Child Visitation, Custody, and Support Matters

Family Law Firm for Guardian ad Litem and Mediation in Kane County

At Serrano Low & Hanson, we understand the complexity of family law issues. Each family and each situation are unique, rendering a one-size-fits-all approach useless. We give our clients the time, energy, and attention they need at this challenging juncture in their lives, helping to find a resolution that can truly work. We handle a wide range of family law issues including paternity, visitation, custody, and support. We are also certified Guardians Ad Litem and are skilled mediators.

Paternity, Custody, and Visitation

While establishing paternity in Illinois is necessary when seeking court-ordered child support, paternity will not automatically guarantee any custodial or visitation rights for the father of a child. Custody is determined based on several factors, including:

  • The wishes of the child;
  • The relationships between the child and each parent;
  • The mental and physical health of all involved; and
  • Threats of physical violence.

Once custody has been determined and a visitation schedule has been formally approved, any post-decree modifications issues that come about, such as if either parents wishes to move out of the geographical area, must be approved by a judge. It is important to discuss these matters with your family law attorney so you understand the potential implications of any arrangement before it is legally binding.

Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

There are general guidelines for determining both child support and spousal maintenance in the state of Illinois. Your attorney can help you understand these guidelines so that you will have a better idea of what to expect as your case unfolds.

In Illinois, spousal maintenance can be granted temporarily, permanently, or not at all. In 2015, the standards for maintenance changed, and there are now specific guidelines as to how maintenance will be determined. Factors the court may consider include each spouse's income and property, but those factors will be weighed in regard to the standard guidelines. The court will use two formulas: one based on the length of the marriage to determine the length of time that maintenance is granted, and the other based on each partner's income to determine how much maintenance one spouse will owe to the other.

The court will not consider issues that may have played a role in your divorce, such as infidelity or other acts of dishonesty, when making a maintenance determination.

Following changes to Illinois law that went into effect in July of 2017, child support is determined based on the number of children and the combined income of both parents, with each parent being responsible for a portion of this support based on their individual net income as a percentage of the combined income. The court will also consider each parent's amount of parenting time and parental responsibility. When looking at the guidelines, a judge can choose to increase or decrease the amount of child support required based on factors such as the child’s usual standard of living, the child’s needs, and the financial resources of both parents.

Guardian Ad Litem and Mediation

At Serrano Low & Hanson, we have attorneys on staff who are recognized by the court as having the authority to serve as both Guardians Ad Litem and mediators. Guardians Ad Litem (GAL) serve as advocates for minors during legal proceedings to ensure that the best interests of the minors are served. Mediators work with both parties to find mutually acceptable and fair solutions to the many issues that arise in family law cases. Mediators seek to empower the parties involved so that they will be able to take control of the decision-making and parenting processes going forward.

If you need a family lawyer to help with your paternity, visitation, custody, support, Guardian Ad Litem, and/or mediation issues, contact us today at 630-844-8781630-844-8781 to get started. The lawyers at Serrano Low & Hanson provide representation to clients throughout, DeKalb, Kane, Kendall and DuPage Counties including South Elgin, St. Charles, Batavia, and Campton Hills.

Family Law Alert

Illinois child support laws were affected by changes enacted on July 1, 2017. Read more about how the laws were updated.

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